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About the project

Ukraine is authentic in its culture. The Authentic Ukraine project highlights Ukrainian culture from different angles: from folk art and architecture of ancient wooden churches to cubo-futurism and unique historical objects.

Authentic Ukraine is a prime example of digital opportunities to preserve cultural and historical heritage. For a year and beyond, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, with the support of Google Ukraine, worked to create this virtual cultural space.

For this project, we have collected the largest digital collection of works by Ukrainian modernists, who are known worldwide for their brilliant works. The period of the 1910s and 1930s exploded with a galaxy of creative associations, exhibitions and innovative solutions. Due to this, for example, the Ukrainian avant-garde occupies a significant part in the world of modern art.

The project also includes a selection of unique digitized items from museums in Ukraine. These artifacts saw the whole period of our country's formation and development. Because of this, they have a symbolic meaning for the Ukrainian people. For example, there is a digitized copy of the first printed book in Ukraine: The Lviv “Apostle”, published in February 1574 by Ivan Fedorovich. It was the “Apostle” that initiated Ukrainian book printing.

Thanks to the Authentic Ukraine project, we were able to find the key to understanding Ukrainian identity. It revealed the intangible cultural heritage and its many manifestations, such as performing arts and traditional rituals. This section contains a collection of authentic audio and visual examples of Ukrainian identity.

For travelers, we have created virtual tours of cultural heritage that have been no less exciting than real trips. In these journeys, digital technology allows one to visit virtually open-air museums, go inside wooden churches or look behind the scenes of opera theaters of Ukraine.