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Open-air Museums of Ukraine

In ancient times, peoples inhabiting the territory of modern Ukraine lived their rich cultural lives. Back in those days, people lived in harmony with nature, shepherds slowly turned out cattle to the pasture with the first rays of the sun, a drop of dew, dissolving, breathed life into all corners of Ukrainian farms, and people built timbered houses and churches.

National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life
Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia region

One of the first open air museums in Ukraine is located in the historic part of Uzhhorod, on the southern slope of Castle Hill, beneath the walls of a medieval castle. Here one can view architectural monuments of the ancient Zakarpattia village and samples of the oldest and most common types of folk art.

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life «Shevchenko Grove»
Lviv, Lviv region

The great Ukrainian, writer, poet, artist and cultural figure Taras Shevchenko loved Ukraine with all his heart. He conveyed in his works all the beauty of nature and life of people. Just as in his works, there are 120 architectural monuments from all over Western Ukraine in the territory of the Shevchenko Grove Museum.

Zaporizhzhia Sich
Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhzhia region

Wrapped on both sides of the wide Dnipro River, Khortytsia Island rises above a river and is surrounded by rocks and sandy shores. Zaporizhzhia Sich is the soul and heart of Ukrainian Cossacks. The glorious past of Cossack warriors is glorified by poets, artists and historians.

The residence of Bohdan Khmelnytskyy
Chyhyryn, Cherkasy region

The historical and architectural complex "The residence of Bohdan Khmelnitskyy" was built on the site of the former capital of Hetman Ukraine in the middle of the seventeenth century — the glorious city of Chyhyryn.

Bohdan Zinoviy Khmelnytskyy is a legendary personality, a hetman of Zaporizhzhia Army, a talented commander, a leader for independence of the Ukrainian people, the founder of the first in the history of the Ukrainian state — the Hetmanate.

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in the Middle Naddnipryanshchyna
Pereyaslav, Kyiv region

On the outskirts of the city of Pereyaslav, there is the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in the Middle Naddnipryanshchyna. Among the singing of birds and rustling leaves, the shadows of tall perennial trees, there are monuments of folk architecture of the XVIII-XIX centuries, houses with lands, more than twenty thousand pieces of folk art, objects of everyday life and tools collected in the forest-steppe zone of Ukraine.

Mamayeva Sloboda
Kyiv, Kyiv region

Behind the thick trees at the mouth of the Lybid River, there is a small Ukrainian village, the Mamayeva Sloboda Museum.

Cossack Mamai is a national Ukrainian national image of a Cossack warrior, symbolizing the image of the entire Ukrainian people. Therefore, the museum has absorbed the national flavor, everyday life of architecture and economy during the heyday of Ukrainian Cossacks.

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine
Kyiv, Kyiv region

Steep hills, wide fields, creaking mills and churches, cozy Ukrainian farmhouses - all imbued with the spirit of rich Ukrainian history. On the outskirts of Kiev, there is an open-air museum in which you can visit different parts of Ukraine and make a peculiar journey through time, revealing the secrets and life of the Ukrainian people throughout its history.

Open-air Museums 

Seven authentic open-air museums are open to your attention. Each of them is a virtual journey where you can travel back in to the past and get acquainted with Ukrainian culture and way of life.

One cannot stay indifferent with quiet cool houses with reed roofs, farms and tidy orchards with benches in the shade, mills slowly rotating their blades in wide fields and tall wooden ancient churches 

All museums hospitably open their doors, and you get a feeling that you are traveling back in time. Centuries later you can walk again along the reeds, pick a ripe apple or pear, sit in the shade or enter a cozy Ukrainian house where you can see embroided towels on the tables and icons on the walls.

Get to know Ukraine through virtual tours