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Friga is a dish that is common in the mountainous regions of Transcarpathia. It is also called "Hutsul fondue" because of the similarity of cooking with the famous Swiss dish.

The history of the friga is probably similar to the history of the fondue. The shepherds went to the mountains for a long time and took with them food that did not spoil for a long time. Including cheese. However, after a while the cheese dried up, so it was heated in a cauldron. And so the friga appeared.

The cooking method described above is called "poor frigo". If you add lard and sausages to the cheese, you will get a "rich fridge".


  • cheese — 700 grams;
  • bacon or smoked lard — 100 grams;
  • picnic — 150 grams.

The cooking process

  1. The main secret of a delicious fries is good cheese. If you choose an unnatural product with a lot of chemical impurities, the dish will flake off. It will not be edible. So when buying cheese, read its composition carefully.
  2. Put bacon or salo on a well-heated pan. Wait until enough fat has melted and fry homemade sausage on it.
  3. When the sausages are fried, gradually pour the cheese on the pan. Upon contact with melted salo, it will begin to melt and will be viscous. But low-quality cheese on the pan just flakes.
  4. Add all the cheese to the pan, not forgetting to constantly stir the dish. Don't be alarmed if the cheese starts to release moisture - it's serum.
  5. When all the cheese has melted and become viscous, the dish can be served.
  6. Frigo is eaten immediately after cooking until the cheese has hardened. The dish is eaten with crispy homemade bread. Break off a small piece from the loaf and immerse in the cheese mixture. Bon appetit!

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