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Polyadvytsya or polyadovytsya is a dish of Western cuisine, which is also common in Belarus and Poland.

Actually, the word "polyadvytsya" means a special part of the carcass of an animal. It is cut from the femur so as not to damage the ham muscles. Pork, beef and even horse meat can be used as the main raw materials. 

Traditionally, our ancestors cooked polyadvytsya for several months. The meat was prepared during the autumn slaughter, marinated in a special way and dried in boxes until spring. Modern housewives do not have so much time to cook, so the recipe has become much simpler and faster.


  • pork (back) — 1.5 kilograms;
  • salt — ½ glasses;
  • spices (garlic, paprika, red pepper) — to taste.

The cooking process

  1. Pork should be thoroughly washed, wiped dry and cleaned of excess fat and films. Peeled pork should be thoroughly rubbed with salt. In this state, put the meat in a saucepan, cover and refrigerate for 3 days. During this time, drain the liquid that will be released.
  2. If necessary, grind the spices in a mortar. Carefully cover the meat with this mixture of spices.
  3. Carefully wrap the grated pork in gauze and tie tightly with cooking thread or twine.
  4. Hang the wrapped meat in a dark ventilated room. It is important that the field is not exposed to direct sunlight and that the room temperature does not exceed 18° C. The dish will be ready in 7-10 days.
  5. The loaf is stored in the refrigerator, wrapped in parchment paper.

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