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Roast meat is traditionally meant to be meat baked in an oven. Later, the name was extended to vegetables and potatoes baked in the oven or on the stove with meat. There are many variations of baked goods. They depend on the season, the region and, of course, the preferences of the host. The forests of the northern regions are rich in mushrooms, so the latter are a common ingredient in a number of dishes. Traditional roast made from vegetables, meat and mushrooms is no exception.


  • Beef — 1 kg,
  • Lard — 50 g,
  • Mushrooms — 100 g,
  • Onions — 200 g,
  • 1-2 Carrots,
  • Potatoes — 2 kg,
  • Sunflower oil — 100 g,
  • Sourcream — 200 g,
  • Mushroom decoction — 500 g,
  • Salt, pepper to taste.

The cooking process

  1. Cut the meat into pieces, season with salt and pepper and fry in fat. Meanwhile, grate the carrots and cut the onion into small cubes. Place the roasted beef, onions and carrots in a saucepan, fill with meat broth and stew until cooked.
  2. Boil mushrooms for 10-15 minutes, strain, chop and fry with onions. Peel the potatoes, cut into pieces and fry too.
  3. Then fold all the ingredients (stewed meat with vegetables, mushrooms with onions and potatoes) in ceramic or clay pots, pour sour cream and mushroom broth. Roast in pots in the oven at 180 degrees until cooked (about half an hour).

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