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Kapusnyak (Cabbage soup)

Area: Center of Ukraine


Area: West of Ukraine

Borsch with pampushkas

Area: Center of Ukraine, North of Ukraine

Yokai bob-levesh

Area: West of Ukraine

Mushroom gravy

Area: West of Ukraine


Area: West of Ukraine

Pasulya pidbyvana

Area: West of Ukraine

Velyatynska Dzyama

Area: West of Ukraine

Okroshka (cold kvas soup)

Area: East of Ukraine


Area: West of Ukraine

Vilkivskyi soup

Area: South of Ukraine

Food and beverages

The dishes on the table of our ancestors were determined by their way of life. Ukrainians have long been a hard-working people, so the food had to be very easy to prepare, but hearty and tasty. In addition, the main occupation of Ukrainians was harvesting and agriculture. Therefore, they ate vegetable dishes and various pastries every day. The proverb stating that "borsch and porridge are our meals" accurately reflects the diet of Ukrainians. Dishes were served with salo, sour cream, mushrooms or fish. Meat dishes were eaten only on holidays.

Another characteristic feature of Ukrainian cuisine is the almost complete absence of fried food in the diet. This is due to the peculiarity of the oven in which the dishes were cooked. Instead, the products were stewed, cooked and baked.

And what did our ancestors drink? Kvas, zbyten (hot honey water with spices), compote were among the favorite drinks . As for alcoholic beverages, the most popular were vodka tinctures that appeared in Ukraine during the Cossack era. It was used to make mead, pepper, and garlic tinctures.